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How many gallons should I order?
A fill will fill the tank and it won’t overfill due to ventilation system signaling to stop, Order a specified number of gallons or dollars.
Ex… 125 gallons, or $400.00 worth. 

What is automatic delivery?
It is a service in which we put you on typically a monthly schedule (pends on customers usage). It comes at no extra cost and typically requires a card on file.

Are you full service? 
We are a full service company that supplies daily deliveries, emergency deliveries and have multiple service men that are all 24 hrs.

How many gallons does my tank hold?
A standard tank holds 275 gallons, however it is made for expansion and will typically hold 250 gallons. Which means after a fill up your gauge might read lower than full.

When should I order oil?
We recommend ordering oil when your tank is on 1/4. Every quarter is about 65 gallons.

How long does oil last? 
This depends on the customers house and burner. The average customer burns 6-8 gallons a day but it depends on weather, windows, water, age of burner, and general usage.

What should I set my thermostat for?
This depends on customers comfort but anywhere from 60-70. What we do recommend is leaving it within range of desired temperature so that it doesn’t over work the unit. Going from 50 - 70 isn’t efficient. 

When and how often should I get my burner serviced?
We recommend an annual cleaning/tuneup.

Why is my gauge not reading correctly?
Multiple possibilities, gauge might be stuck in sludge which requires tapping it or moving it to dislodge it. Tank is made for expansion (refer to Q4). Last you may need a new gauge due to it being “oil logged) heavy.

How much does a tuneup/cleaning cost?
The price will vary from $125-$175. It depends on the costs of the necessary parts and due to Covid/availability prices may vary.
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